Visit to Feral Farm

Finally got round to posting some pictures from Matthew Van Boven’s amazing Feral Farm Agroforestry project in Washington on the west coast of the US. It was a big contrast arriving here from the dry warmth of Portland to misty cool drizzly weather at the Farm which is located on the edge of the North Cascade Mountains near to Rockport, WA early in September 2015! This is certainly the most productive Food Forest I’ve seen with an amazingly diverse range of food plants both around the central relatively open area where a number of dwellings are located (and the outdoor food kitchen) and the surrounding forest where Matt has planted may nut trees and in the shade under these trees were a wide range of fruit and perennial vegetables like Udo and Fuki, just like I had dreamt a food forest could look like! Matt is very much inspired by how indigenous peoples farmed the forests of western North America and it was a real pleasure to be able to tag along with Matt and GuruBani Whitney Van Boven for the couple of days I was there







More to follow when I get time, ha!!

See my album of pictures here:


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