Permaculture Magazine article on the Caucasian spinach, Hablitzia tamnoides

My article on “Caucasian spinach: the unknown woodlander”  in Permaculture Magazine in 2007 (PM52):

Download (PDF, 655KB)

One thought on “Permaculture Magazine article on the Caucasian spinach, Hablitzia tamnoides”

  1. Hi Stephen,
    I absolutely love my Hablitzia which grows well here in London. I am thinking of dividing its root and growing its other half in a 100L container, letting it grow up and over the huge pot’s massive rim like a hanging-out-of-pot houseplant. So much simpler in a potful of compost than on clay ground. Do you know if anyone has ever tried growing Hablitzia in a container?
    Thanks very much for any advice.

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