Maxi-edimental flowers

On the wish of members of Naturplanteskolen from Denmark who are visiting Malvik at the moment,  a fantasy salad with as may different flowers as possible has been compiled this evening. We ended up with one hundred and fifteen (115) different flowers and 42 leaf vegetables after a 2 hour tour around the garden :)P1440395 P1440390


…with the lists of plants collected for the salad
The final salad created by my visitors… :)


P1440382a P1440382P1440400

3 thoughts on “Maxi-edimental flowers”

  1. Would love to grow edible flowers. Is it better to grow in greenhouse and which are the best ones to grow?

    1. I don’t have a greenhouse. There are so many good edible flowers, I’ll blog on this another time, but amongst my favourite perennials are various Alliums, Hostas, Hemerocallis, Campanula, Anise Hyssop, Lilium etc.

  2. This looks beautiful! I’m wondering what it tasted like and what the texture was like? I’ve only eaten nasturtiums before.

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