Maxi-edimental flowers

On the wish of members of Naturplanteskolen from Denmark who are visiting Malvik at the moment,  a fantasy salad with as may different flowers as possible has been compiled this evening. We ended up with one hundred and fifteen (115) different flowers and 42 leaf vegetables after a 2 hour tour around the garden :)P1440395 P1440390


…with the lists of plants collected for the salad
The final salad created by my visitors… :)


P1440382a P1440382P1440400

2 thoughts on “Maxi-edimental flowers”

  1. Would love to grow edible flowers. Is it better to grow in greenhouse and which are the best ones to grow?

    1. I don’t have a greenhouse. There are so many good edible flowers, I’ll blog on this another time, but amongst my favourite perennials are various Alliums, Hostas, Hemerocallis, Campanula, Anise Hyssop, Lilium etc.

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