Sintra Foraging with Fernanda Botelho

I had to go to a work meeting in Lisbon on 11th November 2015 and wasn’t going to travel back to the evening of the 12th. I asked on Facebook for suggestions of places to visit and people sent me several suggestions. Then, one of these amazing “resonances” happened….
Jorge Carona from Portugal sent me a message on my web site just as I was waiting for my flight to Lisbon. He wrote: “I bought your book and I’m fascinated. I follow all you write on your blog.”  He hadn’t seen my Facebook request! I replied thanking him and telling him I was actually on my way to Lisbon as I wrote. It ended with Jorge offering to show me around Lisbon as this was where he lived! When we met at 8:30 that Thursday, I had no idea where we would go and who we would meet…. We drove to Sintra, the famous UN World Heritage site just outside of Lisbon ( ).  I had visited briefly at dusk many years ago.
Unknown to me, Jorge had arranged for me to meet probably the best known Portuguese herbalist, wild forager, author, TV and radio personality Fernanda Botelho!  A short biography here:
Well, it was fantastic to meet someone who was as enthusiastic as I am on edible and useful plants!  Here is an album of pictures from my visit to Sintra with Jorge and Fernanda! What a day! Just a shame it was so short!

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  1. The link to the album isn’t working anymore, are the photos still available somewhere? I’d love to see them.

  2. Hello! I am heading to Portugal next week and would love to find someone or people with a passion for wild foods. I am a wild food chef and voice on wild ingredients in my area, I run foraging walks, have filmed a foraging course that is coming out in June, I have a wild food restaurant called Robin Wylde in Lyme Regis and am working on a new project called The Wylde Food Collective with a podcast called If a Tree Falls. I am looking for people to meet and speak with as part of this community, people who are passionate about edible plants and connecting with nature, as I wish to capture the stories of the people and the places, as well as hopefully the indiegnous roots and backstories of these things. If you have any contacts you would be willing to share with me, I would be so very grateful! My email is
    Many thanks :)

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