Edibles in the January Bulb Garden at the Gothenburg Botanics

On my way north from Vienna to Oslo, I found myself unexpectedly with a 4 hour wait in Gothenburg in Sweden, and there was no hesitation to visit one of the great botanical gardens. I had no idea what there would be to see in January but with the mild winter I was surprised how much there was to see. Here are a collection of wierd and wonderful edibles in the unique bulb house!

Sprouts in the cellar

A much warmer winter than normal and I returned home to well developed blanched dandelion shoots in the cellar together with horseradish shoots and the sweet cicely shoots (Myrrhis odorata) had also germinated en masse!  
This post shows the dandelion roots being dug and planted at the end of November: http://www.edimentals.com/blog/?p=23997

Back home

I got home this morning after my train trip around Europe. A very good experience apart from last night sitting up on the train from Oslo -Trondheim (the sleeper was sold out). I did 22 longer train journeys and all apart from one were on time. The one that wasn’t on time was only 10 minutes delayed and it turned out that the connection was the same train, so it had no consequence! I didn’t once think it was a drag and used the time productively—-or sleeping! 
I visited my parents in England (Chandlers Ford) and did 4 talks in Austria for the University of Graz, Langenloiser Staudentage (over 200 landscape architects, nursery owners and gardeners on perennial vegetables),  Langenloiser Gehölztage (on woody edibles…aka wedibles!) and Arche Noah in Schiltern, also on woody edibles as they are planning to plant a forest garden! On the way home I gave a talk on edimentals to Nesodden gardening club…in the same building as my grandson goes to kindergarten…and also gave a talk at NIBIO in Ås on Alliums.

Latest ever garlic planting

It seemed that it was going to be spring before I could plant my garlic this year after the soil froze solid at the end of October, taking me by surprise! Then a long mild period starting at Xmas, the soil finally became workable the day before leaving for England and I got all my varieties planted, although I was unable to mix in compost as the compost heap was still frozen! About 10 varieties this year! This is the latest I’ve planted garlic since I planted my first shop bought garlic in 1984!


Updated 24th Feruary 2020

17, 18, 19 in brackets indicates the harvesting year for the seed. Concerning seed quantity: as I don’t have many plants of each species, seed quantity is limited in most cases. Therefore, for some species you may only get a few seeds. Many species are harvested in my garden. Others are surplus from trade and purchase. OUT: Means out of stock.  NB! Cultivars do not always come true. I offer them anyway, but no guarantees to what you will get!  NB! Traditional vegetables are at the end of the list with (mostly) common English names first.
NOTE: I don’t sell seed and I won’t be doing many trades this winter due to a busy schedule. However, I offer all plus many more to members of Norwegian Seed Savers (KVANN) through our spring (February) year book and autumn catalogue. To become a member go to http.//kvann.no and click on “Bli med”. It costs kr. 250 / year plus postage and packing.
For trades, I am mainly interested in uncommon hardy perennials, but I may also be interested in annuals.
NB! Not all plants in this list are edible, although almost all are!

Botanical Name (year of harvest)

Aconitum lycoctonum (17) Poisonous
Adenophora bulleyana  (18)
Adenophora khasiana  (17)
Adenophora lilliifolia  (17)
Adenophora pereskiifolia alba(17)
Adenophora remotiflora (17)
Adenophora tashiroi  (17)
Adenophora triphylla v japonica (17)
Adenostyles alpina (17)
Agastache foeniculum (19)
Agastache rugosa (18)
Akebia quinata (19)
Alcea rosea (18)
Allium acuminatum (18)
Allium aflatunense (18)
Allium albidum (18)
Allium amethystinum “Forelock” (18)
Allium anisotepalum (19)
Allium atroviolaceum (18)
Allium barsczewskii (18)
Allium bekeczalicum (19)
Allium bekeczalicum x alaicum (19)
Allium brevicaule (19)
Allium caesium Ex-Kyrgyzstan  (19)
Allium canadense bulbils (19)
Allium carinatum pulchellum (18)
Allium carinatum pulchellum “Album” (19,18)
Allium carolinianum (19) (2 accessions)
Allium cernuum mix (19)
Allium cernuum ‘Tall Mix’ (17)
Allium cretaceum (19)
Allium darwasicum (19)
Allium decipiens (18)
Allium erubescens (18)
Allium cf. erubescens (19)
Allium fetisowii (18)
Allium fistulosum Ex-“Auen 4” (18)
Allium fistulosum Ex-“Bygland” (18)
Allium fistulosum Ex-“Gribovskij 21” (18)
Allium fistulosum Ex-“Leppasyrja” (18)
Allium fistulosum Ex-“Neset” (18)
Allium fistulosum Ex-“Svenskelauk” (17) (Norwegian heirloom onion)
Allium flavescens (18) (Open pollinated hybrid)
Allium flavum (18,17) several varieties
Allium fuscoviolaceum (19)
Allium globosum (19)
Allium gultschense (19)
Allium gunibicum (19)
Allium hymenorrhizum (19)
Allium insubricum (19)
Allium jajlae (19)
Allium jesdianum “Akbulak” (19)
Allium karataviense (19) 2 accessions
Allium karelinii (19)
Allium korolkowii (19)
Allium lenkoranicum (19)
Allium lipskyanum (19)
Allium macranthum (19)
Allium macrostemon var uralense (18)
Allium mairei (18)
Allium maximowiczii (18)
Allium nigrum (19)
Allium nutans “Ex-Berkutenko” (18)
Allium nutans Ex-“Caroline” (19)
Allium nutans “Isabelle” (19)
Allium nutans Ex-“Lena” (17)
Allium nutans Ex-“Russia/A305” (19)
Allium nutans / flavescens hybrid? (Kazakhstan) (white flowers) (19)
Allium obliquum (19)
Allium oschaninii (19)
Allium ovalifolium (17)
Allium ovalifolium var. leuconeurum (19)
Allium paczoskianum (19)
Allium paniculatum (19)
Allium paradoxum normale (17) Two accessions
Allium platyspathum (19)
Allium praescissum (19)
Allium pskemense x cepa (19)
Allium ramosum (19)
Allium rotundum (19)
Allium rosenbachianum (19)
Allium sarawschanicum (19)
Allium saxatile (19)
Allium schoenoprasoides Ex-Kazakhstan (19)
Allium schoenoprasum “Bergsbygrenda” (17) Norwegian heirloom
Allium schoenoprasum “Black Pedicels” (17)
Allium schoenoprasum “Bohemia” (17)
Allium schoenoprasum “Erecta” (17)
Allium schoenoprasum “Prazska” (17)
Allium schubertii (17)
Allium severtzovioides (19)
Allium sewerzowii (19)
Allium spirale (19)
Allium splendens (19)
Allium stenodon (18)
Allium stipitatum “Goliath” (19)
Allium stipitatum “Mount Everest” (19)
Allium strictum (18)
Allium suaveolens (19)
Allium thunbergii “Ozawa” (19)
Allium tianschanicum (19)
Allium trachyscordum (18)
Allium triquetrum (18)
Allium tuberosum(19)
Allium unifolium (18)
Allium ursinum (18)
Allium victorialis ‘Granvin, SW Norway’ (18) Wild collected
Allium victorialis ‘Ex-Hopen, Norway’ (17)
Allium victorialis ‘Ex-Lofoten’ (18)
Allium victorialis “Ex-Massif Central” (19)
Allium victorialis ‘Ex-Ringve’ (19)
Allium victorialis “Ex-Tei, Japan” (19)
Allium wallichii (19)  Several OP accessions
Althaea officinalis (17) 2 accessions
Amaranthus chlorostachys (18, 17)
Amaranthus “Mix” (18)
Anemone rivularis (18)
Angelica archangelica ssp archangelica v. Majorum “Vossakvann” (18)K (Voss Angelica) “Bordalen” plus one other accession
Aquilegia chrysantha (19)
Arabis alpina (18,17)
Aralia californica (19, 18)
Aralia cordata (19) (Edible Garden)
Aralia cordata (18) (Other accessions)
Arctium lappa (19)
Arctium lappa (19) 4 accessions wild collected Østlandet, Norway
Armeria maritima (17)
Asparagus officinalis “3lb Coffee Can” (19) from Seed Savers Exchange
Asphodelus albus (18)
Atriplex hortensis “Britas Tradgardsmalla” (18)
Atriplex hortensis “Lilla Næstvedskole” (18)
Barbarea vulgaris “Variegata” (19)
Basella alba “Red” (16)
Begonia heracleifolia var nigricans (19)
Beta maritima (17) from Cornwall, UK
Beta trigyna (19)
Boehmeria gigantea (18)
Boehmeria sieboldiana (18)
Broussonetia kazinoki (18)
Buddleja davidii (18)
Bunias erucago (17)
Calamintha grandiflora (19)
Calamintha grandiflora “Variegata” (19)
Calochortus macrocarpus macrocarpus (19)
Calochortus palmeri palmeri (19)
Caltha palustris himalensis (18)
Camassia leichtlinii v azurea (19)
Campanula americana (17)
Campanula cervicaria (17)
Campanula glomerata “Alba”(19)
Campanula latifolia macrantha (18)
Campanula latifolia “Mix” (19)
Campanula medium (17)
Campanula persicifolia (19)
Campanula “Pink Octopus”
Campanula punctata Ex-“Rubrifolia”(19)
Campanula rapunculus (17)
Campanula trachelium “Bernice” (19)
Capsicum cardenasii (18)
Carum carvi “Pink flowered” (19)
Cedronella canariensis
Centaurea solstitialis (18)
Chaerophyllum bulbosum (19)
Chelidonium majus (18)
Chenopodium bonus-henricus (18); 2 accessions
Chenopodium giganteum (17)
Chenopodium formosanum (17) (Taiwanese Quinoa)
Cicerbita alpina (18)
Cicerbita plumieri (18)
Cirsium canum (17)
Cirsium eriophorum (19)
Cirsium tuberosum (19)
Cladrastis kentuckea (19)
Claytonia virginiana (19)
Clematis alpina (18)
Clinipodium chinense v parviflorum (17)  From Japan
Clinipodium vulgare (18)
Commelina coelestis (19)
Cornus mas (19)
Crambe cordifolia (18)
Crambe maritima (19, 18,17)
Crataegus rotundifolius (17)
Cryptotaenia japonica “Atropurpurea” (19)
Darmera peltata (17)
Dianthus albus (17)
Elsholtzia ciliata (18,17)S
Eleutherococcus sessiliflorus (19)
Erythronium oregonum ssp leucandrum
Eschscholzia californica (18)
Eupatorium cannabinum (18)
Fragaria vesca “ECOS” (17)
Fragaria virginiana “ECOS” (17)
Fuertesimalva limensis (17)
Gentiana lutea (17)
Geranium thunbergii (17)
Girardinia cuspidata (17)
Girardinia septentrionalis (17)
Hablitzia tamnoides (Mixed) (19, 18)
Heracleum maximum (19)
Hosta clausa var normale (19)
Hosta “Frances Williams”  (H. sieboldiana “blood”) (18,17)
Hosta helonioides (18)
Hosta sieboldiana Mix (18)
Humulus lupulus (19) (Wild, Wisconsin)
Hosta gracilima (18)
Hyssopus officinalis “Roseus” (18)
Inula helenium (17)
Kalimeris incisa “Madiva” (17, 16)
Lavatera arborea variegata (17)
Leonurus cardiaca (19, 17)
Lepidium ferganense (19)
Lepidium latifolium (18)
Leucanthemum maximum “Alaska” (16)
Levisticum officinale (19)
Libertia grandiflora (19) 
Ligularia dentata (18)
Ligularia dentata “Desdemona” (18)
Ligularia fischeri (18, 17)
Ligularia sachalinensis (19)
Lilium Ex-Black Dragon (19)
Lilium martagon album (19)
Lilium martagon album (19)
Lilium regale (18)
Lycopus asper (17)
Malva mohileviensis (18,17)
Malva moschata (19)
Malva moschata “Wild from Kløfta, Norway” (17)
Malva subovata (17)
Malva verticillata (18)
Mertensia ciliata (19)
Mertensia paniculata (18)
Nicandra physalodes (18)
Nicotiana africana (18) Not edible
Nicotiana kawakamii (18) Not edible
Nicotiana repanda (18) Not edible
Nicotiana rotundifolia (18) Not edible
Nicotiana rustica (18) Not edible
Nicotiana velutina (18) Not edible
Nigella sativa “Hamar” (19) Hardy cultivar
Orychophragmus violaceus (17)
Ornithogalum pyrenaicum (19); wild collected, Metz, France
Oxyria digyna (18) fra Sikkim
Papaver somniferum “Mix” (19)
Parasenecio hastatus (19)
Parasenecio hastatus ssp orientalis Ex-“Shiro Sankou Hakikomi Fu” (variegated) (19)
Parietaria judaica (18)
Persicaria virginiana “Painter’s Palette” (17)
Peucedanum japonicum Ex-“Haki Komi Fu” (19)Variegated
Phyteuma nigra (18)
Phyteuma orbiculare (19,18,17)
Phyteuma ovatum (18)
Phyteuma persicifolia (19)
Phyteuma scheuchzeri (18)
Phyteuma spicatum (19)
Phytolacca americana (18)
Pinguicula grandiflora (18)
Plantago coronopus (18) Portugal
Plantago maritima (18) Portugal
Plantago major “Purpurea Crispa” (18)
Plantago regelii (18)
Platycodon grandiflorus “Mix Double Hybrids” (19)
Polygonatum alpinum (18)
Primula elatior “Magenta” (17)
Primula japonica “Mix” (18)
Primula japonica “Miller’s Crimson” (18)
Primula kewensis (17)
Primula sieboldii Mix (17)
Primula veris (18)
Prunus tomentosa (18)
Pseudostellaria heterophylla (19)
Pycnanthemum virginianum (17)
Prunus tomentosa (18)
Rheum alexandrae (19) OUT
Rheum ribes (18, 19)
Rheum webbianum (18)
Rhus glabra (19)
Rorippa amphibia (18)
Rorippa palustris (18)
Rosa ecae (19)
Rosa platyacantha (19)
Rubus idaeus “Sunset” (17)
Rubus occidentalis “Black Hawk” (17)
Rubus phoenicolasius (17)
Rudbeckia occidentalis (17)
Rudbeckia occidentalis “Green Wizard” (17)
Rumex acetosa “Belleville” (18)
Rumex acetosa “Champion” (18)
Rumex acetosa “Krupolistny” (17)
Rumex acetosa “Shirokolistny” (18)
Rumex acetosa “Russian variety mix” (19)
Rumex crispa (19, 18)
Rumex patientia (19,18,17)
Rumex scutatus (18)
Salvia sclarea (18)
Sanguisorba canadensis (17)
Sanguisorba menziesii (18)
Sanguisorba minor (17)
Sanguisorba officinalis (17)
Sanguisorba officinalis “Tanna” (17)
Sanguisorba stipulata (17)
Saponaria officinalis (17)
Saponaria officinalis “Pink” (18)
Saxifraga pensylvanica (19)
Scabiosa japonica var alpina (17)
Sidalcea oregana (17)
Sideritis syriaca (19,18, 17)
Silene uniflora (17)
Silene uniflora “Islandica” (17)
Silybum marianum (19)
Sium sisarum (19) (Skirret)
Smilax rotundifolia (19)
Sonchus kirkii (17)
Sonchus palustris (17)
Stachys palustris (17) from Hurdal
Streptopus amplexifolius (19)
Streptopus amplexifolius var papillatus (19)
Taraxacum albidum (19)
Taraxacum ceratophorum (18)
Taraxacum luridum (19)
Taraxacum officinale “Moss-leaved” (19,18)
Taraxacum pseudoroseum (19, 18)
Taraxacum rubifolium (19, 18, 17) (Red-leaved dandelion)
Tellima grandiflora (18)
Thalictrum aquilegifolium (18)
Tigridia pavoniana (18)
Tradescantia ohiensis (18)
Tricyrtis spp.  (17)
Trifolium rubens (18)
Trillium erectum (18)
Trillium erectum “Cream” (17)
Tulbaghia violacea (18)
Urtica circularis (18)
Urtica galeopsifolia (18) (Almost) stingless
Urtica gracilis (17)
Urtica kioviensis (18)
Urtica pilulifera (18)
Valeriana officinalis (17)
Viburnum cassinioides (19)
Viola cornuta Alba (17)
Viola pumila (19)
Youngia japonica (18)


American Land Cress
Artichoke “Violet de Provence” (18)
Bean ”Klosterbønner” (17) Norwegian heirloom (Phaseolus vulgaris)
Beetroot “Albino White” (18)
Beetroot “Boltardy” (18)
Beetroot “Rhonda” (18)
Broad Bean “Kokkosenkyla” (18) NGB11518
Broccolini (17)
Broccoli Raab (Cima de rapa) “Dietrich’s” (15) (Flowering turnip tops)
Broccoli Raab (Cima de rapa) “Foglia d’ulivo” (16) (Flowering turnip tops)
Broccoli Raab (Cima de rapa) “Quarantina” (16) (Flowering turnip tops)
Broccoli Raab (Cima de rapa) “Sessantina” (16) (Flowering turnip tops)
Capsicum “Indoor chili” (17)
Capsicum “Midnight Sun chili” (17)
Capsicum “Sibirsche Hauspaprika” (17)
Capsicum “Thai Sun” (17)
Chicory “Barba di Cappuccino” (15)
Chicory “Bianca” (15)
Chicory “Catalogna Frastagliata” (15)
Chicory “Catalogna Gigante di Chioggia” (15)
Chicory “Da Taglio Bionda a Foglie Larghe” (16)
Chicory “Italian Dandelion” (17)
Chicory “Rossa vi Verona sel. Arca” (18)
Coriander “Leaf” (18)
Cornsalad “Baron” (16)
Endive (16)
Endive “Cornet de Bordeaux” (16)
Kale “Asturian Tree Cabbage” (18)
Kale “Couve Galega” (18)
Kale “Pentland Brig” (17)  (possibly cross with perennial kale
Leaf Beet “Perpetual Spinach” (17)
Lettuce “Jebousek” (19) Seed Savers Exchange
Lettuce “Oakleaf” (17)
Mustard Greens ‘’Giant Red”  (19, 18)
New Zealand Spinach (19)
Oriental Greens ‘Choy Sum Purple’ (15)
Oriental Greens ‘Choy Sum Purple Flowering’ (15)
Oriental Greens ‘Early Mibuna’ (14)
Oriental Greens ‘Frilly’ (13)
Oriental Greens ‘Leaf heading mustard’ (19) Seed Savers Exchange
Oriental Greens ‘Leaf Radish’ (14)
Oriental Greens ‘Misome’ (14)
Oriental Greens ‘Mispoona’ (16)
Oriental Greens “Red Mizuna”  (14)
Oriental Greens “Red Streaked Mizuna”  (14)
Oriental Greens “Swollen Stem Tsai Tsai Round” (12)
Pea “Carlin Pea” (18)
Pea “Golden Sweet” (17)
Pea “Robinson” (18)
Pea “Salmon Flowered Crown Pea” (18, 17, 16)
Pea “Sugar Magnolia” (19)
Pea “Winterkefer” (19)
Perennial Kale “Daubenton x Late Purple Flowering Broccoli” (17, 16, 14)
Perennial Kale “Daubenton x unknown Italian” (2016)
Perennial Kale “Daubenton grex” (2017) (near Pentland Brig and Nero di Toscana”
Perennial Kale Ex-“Heligoland Kale” (18) OP
Perennial Kale Ex-“Heligoland Kale” (18) From Kim Jacobsen in UK
Perennial Kale Ex-“Homesteaders Perennial Kale best selections” (18)
Perennial Kale Ex-“Ragged Jack x Heligoland” (17)
Perennial Kale Ex-“Tree Collards” (19) OP
Physalis “Konditer” (18)
Quinoa “Stephe” (19)
Rocket (Diplotaxis tenuifolia) “Dragon’s Tongue” (16)
Rocket (Diplotaxis tenuifolia) “Wildfire” (16)
Rocket (Diplotaxis tenuifolia) “Rustic Style” (16)
Rocket (Diplotaxis erucoides) “Wasabia Arugula” (16)K
Shungiku (Chrysanthemum greens) (18)
Shungiku (Chrysanthemum greens) “Double White” (19)
Tomatillo (Physalis philadelphica; purple) (18)
Tomato “Chocolate Plum” (18)
Tomato “German Pink” (SSE) (19)
Tomato “Matt’s Wild Tomato” (18)