Edible plants in the Akureyri Botanical Garden

On Tuesday 8th September Bjørgvin Steindórsson, director of the Akureyri Botanical gardens (see http://www.lystigardur.akureyri.is) in the north of Iceland (north of 65N), kindly agreed to show me the gardens. Not only that, he showed some botanical highlights around the town and we also visited the large community gardens that were established after the bank crash (separate album)!  The tour ended up in Bjørgvin’s own interesting garden!

The garden was founded by a group of local women as a park for local people to enjoy in 1912. It became a botanical garden in 1957, predating the botanical gardens in Reykjavik and the northernmost in the world until the Georgeson Botanical Garden in Fairbanks opened in 1991 and in Tromsø in 1994. It is difficult to believe that you are in Northern Iceland when you are standing in this luxuriant garden with tall trees …

See the album of pictures by following this link

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Perennial vegetables, Edimentals (plants that are edible and ornamental) and other goings on in The Edible Garden