University of Washington

The next stop on my tour of Seattle with Rob Wagner and Arthur Lee Jacobson was the University of Washington where Arthur and I co-lead a guided tour of the medicinal garden. Here I found many plants in my book notably Crambe cordifolia and Laportea canadensis. I took very few pictures as I was busy talking and listening to Arthur! However, this garden, which has some 1,000 species is definitely worth a visit!

We also visited the Life Sciences Building which houses an interesting collection of less hardy plants. It is planned to be demolished and replaced with a new larger building……

See the pictures here:

My companions on the tour of the University of Washington: The Goat Gal (Lacia Lynne Bailey), Arthur, Rob and Krystal Stewart








With the normal view of Mt. Rainier (thanks to Caroline Dang) :) ….the view was obscured by the smog due to the large forest fires affecting the state at the time!








The garden’s home pages: and

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