Steigen Permaveggies course June 2015

I’m SOOO lucky to be able to travel to amazing places to talk about plants! This weekend I’ve been to Engeløya in Steigen (Nordland) together with a lovely diverse group of people of all ages. The course started on Friday evening and ended on Sunday afternoon!! Thanks to Eva Bakkeslett and not forgetting Clive for your hard work in making it all happen smoothly!!  Here’s an album of picture impressions  from the first part of the weekend

Here’s the second album of pictures from the Permaveggies course at Engeløya (Angel Island) in Steigen (see the maps). The first pictures are from Steigen Bygdetun where I gave a short one hour free talk, followed by a wander around the collection of old Norwegian ornamentals and a small herb garden! On the Sunday, we had a forage and wild lunch near the place where the course was held (Røtnes), followed by a trip to the north west of the island to a very different habitat and some great beach edibles!!

And here’s the Steigen Dandizoo (Dandelion kazoo) orchestra practicing :)

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