An afternoon with Alan Kapuler

Another great interview with Alan Kapuler talking about everything important under the sun in just 30 minutes and over 5,000 words! A must see for anyone interested in the future of our species!

Including how he saw the light in a Dylan lyric:
“Yes, and how many times can a man turn his head and pretend that he just doesn’t see?”  :-)

Here’s the link to watch:

Alan’s blog:

Some keywords:
Mauka, how to keep white rot in onions at bay with yacon, grex, diploid, hippy, dumpster diving, hybrids, resveratrol, psychedelia, GMOs, Oca, Amaranth, diversity, tomato breeding, zinnia, growing food, Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead, religion, Cedars of Lebanon, pomegranates, olive, Palestine, Native American, Molecular Biology, Virology, Peace Seeds, Root based vs. grain based culture….

PLEASE SHARE – this great man has an important message (or rather 300,000 messages) to share… glad that his words and thoughts are now “open source”  as are his seeds!

Another interview I posted earlier!

Peace Seedlings
Peace Seeds

Here are few pictures of Kapuler and Peace Seeds and Peace seedlings (the next generation!) taken on my visit late summer 2015!

P1460079 P1460087 P1460086 P1460091 P1460097 P1460161 P1460160 P1460306 P1460308


3 thoughts on “An afternoon with Alan Kapuler”

    1. Thanks so much for making this great video! I’ve updated the link on my post!

      Is there really a place called Boring, OR ( I bet you get bored hearing that comment, sorry ;) ). I gave 3 talks in Portland when I was there in September after visiting Alan Kapuler and talking at the convergence in Eugene. Shame I didn’t know of your food farm :( I did get up to Feral Farm afterwards and that was amazing. I will be blogging about these visits soonish!


      1. Hehehe Boring is truly a real place that often lives up to it’s name :) We’ve heard great things about Feral Farm, but haven’t been there yet! Looking forward to your posts on the convergence in Eugene. Hopefully next time you’re in Oregon you can visit us here and check out our project!

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