Puss moth

Ingeborg Leistad from Torp (about 2-3 km east of my place) called me in August 2006 as her husband had found a strange caterpillar in their garden. She brought it over and it turned out to be a Puss Moth / Stor gaffelstjert (Cerura vinula), the only find of this species in this area. The pictures are taken in my garden. One of its host plants is aspen / osp, so I released it on one of my aspens, I’ve never seen the adult and never seen a caterpillar again. It has a remarkable defensive posture as seen in one of the pictures!


Gaffelstjert_i_Osp_small Gaffelstjert_Ospeblad_small Gaffelstjert_truende_small


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