Volcanic Alliums

It was very kind of the Icelanders on the fermentation course in Malvik the other week to bring me a gift from Iceland. What does an Icelander bring to a gardener in Norway? Volcanic ash fertiliser of course :)  I’ve heard stories of increased yield where the ash fell after the last eruption…and what better plants to receive the ash than a small collection of Alliums (onions) which I was sent a few years ago by the Botanical Garden in Reykjavik :)
Thank you Arna “Løk for Strøk” Mathisen :)P1420012


Allium brevistylum from Wyoming via Reykjavik!
Allium oleraceum from the only location of this onion in Iceland at Bær (how it got there is related in my book)
Allium hymenorhizum


Allium victorialis ssp platyphyllum from Sakhalin via Reykjavik




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