INCREDIBLE Incredible Edible Todmorden meets the Extreme Salad Man talk

This must be the most special talk I’ve ever done! I’ve talked in a church before (Ottawa), but talking in a church surrounded by an exhibition of the DEAD and a coffin at the ready right next to me (in case my time should be up?) was rather strange :) It could only happen in Todmorden!

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I tried to inject some LIFE into the place, but this wasn’t helped by my first plant slide – a plant I call DEATH Samphire (Crithmum) – due to the perilous method of harvesting it from the wild – hanging on a rope over crumbly chalk cliffs or using a rifle to shoot the plants down!

Death Samphire

And then a bit further on, death crept back in again when I introduced the DEATH nettle of New Zealand!


The audience were uncannily quiet :)


The Shed entrance

The venue was Todmorden  Unitarian Church (also simply known as the SHED!)

See more here about the edible graveyard of Todmorden!

The venue was Todmorden  Unitarian Church (also simply known as the SHED!)



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