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Saturday in Hurdal

Good to meet Randy Gunnar Lange and Ingunn Bohmann of Eikeløkka in Hurdal on Sunday! Eikeløkka is a permaculture farm under development on the island group Hvaler in the far south east of Norway!
Randy and Ingunn are currently doing the PDC course in Malvik!
More on Eikeløkka here:

Høstivalen edible walk and talks

The only picture I took during Saturday’s two edible plant tours of Hurdal Ecovillage, the farm, the rectory garden (Prestegårdshagen) and the CSA scheme (andelsbruk)! This was part of Høstivalen (The Ecovillage’s autumn festival). I was particularly pleased by the fact that the daughter of one of my heroes, Ivar Torp (see page 44 of https://okologisklandbruk.nlr.no/media/ring/3550/2014/%C3%98L%20nr%201_2014%20epostfil.pdf ) joined the tour, although I wasn’t aware of it until afterwards! She has now taken over Ivar’s property!

Norwegian Seed Savers (KVANN) also had a stand at the festival and our new flyer describing our work was given out to interested folk! The flyer (in Norwegian) can be downloaded here: http://www.norwegianseedsavers.no/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/kvann-flyerupdate2-1.pdfP1780621


Planter i Hurdal prestegårdshagen

Her er min bilde-dokumentasjon av plantene i Prestegårdshagen i Hurdal funnet under to besøk i juli 2017 før evt restaurering / nyplanting kommer i gang!
Se også bildene av nøttekråkene, cembrafuru (det er 4 trær i hagen!) og pinjenøtter her: http://www.edimentals.com/blog/?p=12512
Nøttekråkene også spiser og hamstrer hasselnøtter, som var plantet (levende lysthus) og forvillet!

An album of pictures from registering plants in the garden of the Hurdal rectory.

Pinenut crackers

Great excitement yesterday morning (11th July 2017) to hear the familiar call of nutcrackers in the garden of the rectory where I’m staying here in Hurdal! Excited to see cones falling from the tree (cut off by a nutcracker), and lots of empty cones on the ground! More information with the pictures!