A visit from the Extreme Salad Man

This afternoon the ESM popped in. It’s always fun when he stops by… the pictures show what he made me!! We found 45 ingredients, all from inside the house and all home grown apart from the olives (I’m working on that!).  The full list of ingredients are below the pictures.



Alliaria petiolata, garlic mustard (sprouting seedlings in living room, for food, stratified outside first!)

Allium cernuum, nodding onion (forcing in living room, dug and planted in a large bucket in autumn)

Allium paradoxum, few-flowered leek (volunteer plants with Hablitzia seedlings)

Allium sativum , garlic (topset sprouts and clove)

Allium schoenoprasum var yezomonticola, Japanese chives (forced inside)

Allium victorialis, victory onion (forcing in living room, dug and planted in a large bucket in autumn)

Anredera cordifolia, Madeira vine (forced sprouts)

Apium graveolens, leaf celery  (overwintering in dark cellar)

Apium nodiflorum, fool’s watercress (shoots from plants overwintering in cellar)

Armoracia rusticana, horseradish (forced shoots inside)

Basella alba, Ceylon spinach (overwintering plant)

Beta cicla occidentalis, leaf chard (overwintering in dark cellar)

Brassica juncea, mustard greens (sprouted seedlings of home saved seed)

Brassica oleracea , kale (4 varieties, all perennials, overwintering in cellar)

Cichorium intybus, chicory (5 varieties overwintering in dark cellar)

Daucus carota, carrot (2 varieties and leafy shoots)

Fagopyrum acutatum, perennial buckwheat (shoots from plants overwintering in cellar)

Foeniculum vulgare, fennel (leaves from overwintering plant in cold bedroom)

Hablitzia tamnoides, Caucasian spinach (volunteer plant in a large pot with a bay tree, overwintered in my porch)

Helianthus tuberosus “Stampede” (tubers from cellar)

Lippia dulcis, sweet Aztec herb (house plant, leaves)

Malva moschata, musk mallow (sprouting seedlings in living room, for food!)

Matteuccia struthiopteris, ostrich fern (cooked fiddleheads, forced indoors)

Olea europaea, olive (for dressing, not home grown)
Oxalis tuberosa, oca (leaves and tubers of 4 varieties)

Pastinaca sativa, parsnip (shoots from roots in cellar)

Petroselinum crispum, parsley (overwintering in dark cellar)

Scorzonera hispanica, scorzonera (shoots from roots in cellar)

Stellaria media, chickweed (weed of house plants)

Taraxacum officinale, dandelion (blanched leaves from root stored in cellar)

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