Botanising the Oregon coast

On 27th August 2015, Chris Homanics took me on a great botanical trip along the beautiful Oregon coast between Florence and Yachats.
We first visited the amazing Darlingtonia Wayside Reserve which I blogged about here:
We then botanized in an area of open pine forest with an interesting understory of berry bushes, e.g., Vaccinium ovatum or Evergreen Huckleberry, which was covered in tasty berries as well as a native Rhododendron! We then drove a little north to a sand dune area on the coast and walked through the dunes which were full of interesting plants, some familiar some not and saw Cakile edentula or American Searocket growing on the beach beside circumpolar Cakile maritima!
See the pictures and a map here:
Thanks to Chris for a memorable day…

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