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Gamle Norske Humle

Medlemmer av Norwegian Seed Savers (KVANN) får igjen mulighet gjennom Årboka som kommer i februar å bestille stiklinger av de gamle Norske humleplantene som er samlet i en klonsamling hos NIBIO Apelsvoll Forskningsstasjon som ligger på vestsiden av Mjøsa i Østre Toten kommune. Nedenfor finner dere tre artikler som forteller mer om samlingen og analysene som er gjort (noen sorter skal være gode sorter for ølbrygging).
KVANN etablere plantelaug for flere nytteplanter (deriblant kålvekster, frukt, hvitløk osv.). Det kan også være aktuelt å etablere en Humle-laug for å koordinere og kvalitetssikre vårt arbeid med humle, en fantastisk ølplante, urt og et av de beste vårgrønnsakene på høyde med asparges når det gjelder smak! Om du er interessert i å være laug leder, ta gjerne kontakt med oss!

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Perennialen II: Alvastien Telste

An album of pictures from my short Perennialen II visit with Eirik Lillebøe Wiken​ and Hege Iren Svendsen​ at and around Alvastien Telste​ in Hardanger. Impressive nature, good beer and fruit, good company and just relaxing this time! It poured with rain on the morning that we’d planned to look properly around the Forest Garden, so that will have to wait for next year!  Watch this space for the announcement of the next Perennialen event at this wonderful place, now a Permaculture LAND centre, next summer!! Hope to see you there!



Visiting Camilla Plum

On 2nd May 2016 I finally got to visit Camilla Plum and Fuglebjerggaard. Camilla is one of Scandinavia’s best known authors and broadcasters on edible gardening and cooking. It was such a beautiful day that the formal talk was abandoned in favour of an edible tour of the organic nursery and farm lead by myself and Camilla. A great crowd of knowledgeable folk, some of whom had travelled quite a long way including one couple from Norway! Thanks for inviting me Camilla!! A great place and many must-have plants :)

Camilla in front of a large bed of emerging Ostrich Ferns which were obviously thriving in this open location as shoots were popping up in the grass around the bed!


Wool mulch
Perennial kales
One of the 80 in my book is Allium obliquum, twistedleaf garlic from Siberia! I’d never seen it growing on this scale before.
This form of Allium obliquum had beautiful purple stems and was also on sale on the nursery.
Edible perennials
What was happening here? Camilla had asked staff to go down into this swampy pit to collect rhizomes and young shoots of a plant known in North America as the Supermarket of the swamps… 
Harvesting salad ingredients :)
Large selection of chilis!
Large selection of chilis!
Yellow flowered Allium moly is a great edible onion for partiual shade in the forest garden! Not often you see this one on sale, although supermarket chain Lidl were selling bulbs this autumn!
Hop clones after Danish breeder Øyvind Winge, now made available in the nursery. I remember seeing these in the hop collection at Årslev…
Perennial kales
…and Lathyrus tuberosus
Tulbaghia or Society Garlic from South Africa
Wonderful lunch with ostrich fern, fried dandelion flower buds with salt and a lovely salad with tulip petals!
Mushroom plant, Rungia klossii from Papua New Guinea is a novel salad plant


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