Around the World in Oslo!

Honorata Gajda from the Norwegian Botanical Association introduces!
Udo, Aralia cordata, my largest vegetable!
I had far too little time in the garden…but I did manage to say hello to the vigorous Hablitzia (at the back) and neighbour Good King Henry / Stolt Henrik at the front, two of the 80 plants in my book Around the World in 80 plants (the book has a picture of this Hablitzia later in the summer!)!

A full house of a mixed crowd of all ages, some 70 people, had turned up for my lecture at the Botanical Garden in Oslo despite the beautiful evening (we should have been outside) and the long holiday weekend! Thanks to the Norwegian Botanical Associtation and Natural History Museum for putting on this event and in particular Honorata Gajda.
Back home now after a night on the train…a fantastic week on the road, thanks to all the people who helped along the way….and some 60 books lighter :)


Skirret shoots

I moved a skirret/sukkerrot (meaning sugar root) root into the cellar, planning to eat them….they went missing until I noticed the characteristic edible blanched shoots this morning! The roots had been like this exposed to the air all winter (I’ve previously lost roots when overwintered in a bucket in soil (they don’t like it damp it seems). See my book Around the World in 80 plants for more… :)
And it’s a beautiful day, but a night frost…

Edibles & ornamental plants

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