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The latest Permaculture Magazine arrived yesterday with an excerpt from the book “The many uses of UDO”  (Aralia cordata)








Me and my Udo, my largest vegetable in June!






I  write about one of the most unusual veggie cultivation techniques in the book!” There are underground caverns of blanching Udo  under Tokyo? At the top of my things to experience list!! I found some pictures on the net , but couldn’t use them in the book, sadly! This is a slide from my talk about the book

Udo mining under Tokyo!


Onion in escape attempt drama

Sometimes a letter addressed to me at 418 Malvikveien, gets delivered to my closest gardening neighbour Line Cathrin Ekseth at no. 481 ;-) This happened last week and I didn’t get round to collecting it before last night….and one of the onions was attempting to escape…..I was just in time :) Thanks Alan Carter, another chive cultivar for my reference collection, “Black Isle Blush” and it’s a real beauty, see here

Announcing the First Annual Hardanger Perennialen!

Link added to my list of talks, courses and forages (at to a FB event for the Hardanger Perennialen at the beginning of May, what promises to be the most beautiful course on perennial vegetables and wild foraged food EVER! More information to follow!

Ostrich Fern / Strutseving



The author of Around the World in 80 plants is guesting on this week!

My book Around the World in 80 plants is book of the week on this week 2nd – 6th February and I’ll be answering questions and taking part in the discussions on the plants forum! See you there!


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