4 thoughts on “Deadly flowers”

  1. My garden is full of these flowers.
    I never knew they were deadly.
    Since I have grandchildren, I now became
    Are you sure they are deadly, not just
    making you sick?????

    1. The plants are potentially deadly with documented cases and no antidote, so definitely not a plant you want to mistake for wild garlic / ramsons. I don’t know whether the flowers are equally poisonous.

    2. When they have flowers, they don’t have leaves – so teach your grandchildren not to touch them.
      Unless they are toddlers, they can learn :)

      Ramsons leaves smells like onion, you are not in doubt, if you break it ( also if you are in doubt of lily-of-the-valley (Convallaria majalis)- it is an easy way to distinguish the two -by the smell)

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