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First Chaffinch

With relatively warm weather continuing, it was nice to hear an early chaffinch (bokfink) in full song this morning in the garden. You can also hear an unusual breeder, coal tit (svartmeis) and one of several great tit (kjøttmeis) pairs defending territories at the moment in the garden; the coal tit is singing (higher pitch) from the top of one of the spruce trees.

Resident coal tits

For the second time a pair of coal tits (svartmeis) have taken up residency in the garden. It’s not often I see them as they don’t come to the bird feeder. I only know of their presence from the male’s song which I’ve heard regularly since January. They are probably building a nest now possibly in a bird box as there aren’t any natural tree holes although they also build in holes at ground level.