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Long cycle forage to the shops

As I was working from home yesterday and not doing my normal bike ride, I decided to do a longer ride over the hills to the post office to pick up the Japanese seeds (different post)…I arrived home 3 hours later with a haul of, mostly, winter chantarelles / traktkantarell….I just couldn’t not pick them when I saw them :( Guess what I’ll be doing tonight :)

Clearfell / Flatehogst

In my local area, a disproportionate large area of forest has been clear-felled recently, a practice we need to stop if we are to take climate change seriously as this releases much carbon dioxide. It was sickening to see just how large an area has been felled in recent years in this series of photos taken recently on a flight to Oslo. The usual excuse given is that a lot of trees have fallen in recent extreme storms and need to be “cleared” up. And what is causing these storms? A vicious circle in other words…
See my blog post about our recent field trip to discuss these problems here: http://www.edimentals.com/blog/?p=6529

End of July fungi foray

A collection of pictures from 3 hours in the woods….about 30 minutes to cycle up to the start of the trail and 15 minutes down again..