Butterfly prefers onion to butterfly bush!

The warmth has encouraged the Buddleja (Butterfly bush / Sommerfuglbusk) into flower, but this small tortoiseshell (neslesommerfugl) still prefers Alliums!
Buddleja isn’t edible, but it is one of the best entomentals (insects love them and so do we; it would be an edi-ento-mental if it had also been edible!)

2 thoughts on “Butterfly prefers onion to butterfly bush!”

  1. I was surprised to see butterflies on onion flowers (Allium perutile…possibly?), together with hoverflies & bees. Other types of Allium seem to be less attractive to insects, some mainly visited flies.

    1. I’ve been recording bumblebees and other insects on Alliums in the Allium garden at the Trondheim Botanical Garden and bumblebees and honeybees love different Alliums including chives, welsh onion, Allium cernuum and others!
      By the way, I’m intrigued by your 100 year old “shallot” in Edinburgh. I’d love to get hold of a few onions at some stage for the Allium garden. Happy to pay or trade!

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