Half my age party!

I “noticed” a few days ago that my little girl Hazel had reached half my age (in number of days)! It was noticed that Hazel would be half my age in years on my next birthday in April 2019…..so thought this 23,131 day old man, when will she be exactly half my age in number of days? I couldn’t find a web page to do the calculation, so had to revert to the old method of setting up a complicated set of simultaneous mathematical equations…..to come up with the answer that I had missed it by two weeks :(
We decided to celebrate anyway and we ate a gourmet dinner incluidng a 1/2 birthday salad, using garlic scapes to write 1/2 on the salad!
..and, please, no comments that I dont look a day younger than 3 times her age ;)