Hablitzia and the few-flowered leeks

Pots of Hablitzia seedlings and Allium paradoxum (few-flowered leek)
Pot of Hablitzia seedlings and Allium paradoxum (few-flowered leek)
Allium_paradoxum_and Hablitzia
As seen late March in a milder winter, Allium paradoxum grows next to my Hablitzia, a “weedy” onion further south, it hasn’t spread here.
The mother Hablitzia as it is today, 6th March 2016!

In December’s very mild weather there was mass germination of Hablitzia around my oldest plant next to the house. This has happened before, but none of the seedlings made it through the colder weather afterwards. Therefore, I dug them up and transplanted into pots and have had them in my cool but frost free porch ever since. They haven’t grown much, but it seems I dug up some bulbs of Allium paradoxum with them as they are growing away well, so I will be eating them in tonight’s salad!

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