Mass Hablitzia germination for Xmas

In mild but cool weather during early winter the last couple of years, Hablitzia has germinated en masse around my mother plant next to my house. These all died in later cold weather last winter. When mass germination happened around Xmas 2015, I therefore decided to rescue them by potting up and bringing them in to a cool room. It was just in time as it froze solid just after with very low temperatures since and now deep snow…here they are today (it’s been between 0 and 8C where they are growing). P1510764

2 thoughts on “Mass Hablitzia germination for Xmas”

  1. Suprising for both such early begin and dying from frost. It’s known for being a very, very hardy plant… but probably endangered as winters get milder. Oyster mushrooms tend to show for Christmas for me these years. Frightening.

    1. Hi Julien,

      I think the climate in its native Caucasis is more continental. Mild weather right up to Xmas with hardly any frost as we’ve had in two recent years would probably not happen in the Caucasus. We know that the seed doesn’t need more than a week in the fridge in order to germinate and the seed germinates at very low temperature. But, yes as the weather gets warmer in the Caucasus, it could become endangered unless it can adapt…


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