McMillion in Malvik

Enjoyable visit this weekend from Andrew McMillion from Nes, MdG politician, seed saver and soon to be a pioneering farmer! Great to have you here, Andrew!

Harvesting seed from my Heligoland perennial kale, the hardiest I’ve grown here!
I thought my Heligoland perennial kale was flowering itself to death,but no, new shoots appearing from the base and it’s in flower again too!
Hosta seed saving
Andrew couldn’t resist a few seed of the world’s top 3 hottest chilis!


3 thoughts on “McMillion in Malvik”

  1. It was really inspiring to see so many plants in such a concentrated space. To watch Stephen as he whizzed around his garden digging up roots and handing me seeds was a special experience. His example of a sustainable, healthy, fun, mature and ethical lifestyle really shoes that the model the world is following today where bigger is better and profit and power are the aims to strive for, is not where its at. But importantly, it shows an alternative we can all achieve with a bit of interest and some care for life and the diversity of DNA that is out there just waiting for us to connect with it.

    1. :) Thanks, Andrew. I enjoyed whizzing around the garden for you! Entrusting those seeds and roots to you is one of the best investments I can do! But, whatever you do with them, keep on smiling :)

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