Spring wouldn’t be spring without Hablitzia

I’m in Habby Blitz (bliss) once again and Hablitzia tamnoides (Caucasian spinach / Stjernemelde / Nordens spinat) is the most important vegetable once again. With some 30 plants (and increasing)  there¨’s more than enough to harvest. Here’s a few pictures from an area on very shallow soil (10-20cm) under the shade of a large birch tree where it thrives. And it’s now 20 years since I planted my first!

2 thoughts on “Spring wouldn’t be spring without Hablitzia”

  1. Hello Stephen!!! i’m Roser, an spanish woman pationet for perennial vegetables, i have my own forest garden of Perennial in Catalunya, hardiness zone 9.
    i’m traveling right now in Armenia, and I would like to find hablitzia, here directly in the Caucasus!!!
    do you have any contact or information to have it here in Armenia?
    thanks for your page and your job, when I’m gonna come back to Spain i want to buy your book!!!
    green hugs, thank you very much

    1. Sorry for the delay in replying! No, sorry but I don’t have any contacts in Armenia. Those that have searched for this plant have found it in limestone areas (outside caves). Good luck, but probably too late!

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