Ornithogalum pyramidale

It’s always a nice surprise to discover a plant in flower in the garden that I thought long dead! Yesterday I discovered a plant that I’m pretty sure is Ornithogalum pyramidale (Pyramidal star-of-Bethlehem). I planted 8 two year old plants in this location in 2016. This species is used in a similar way to Bath asparagus (Ornithogalum pyrenaicum) as I wrote in my book:
“There are at least three other similar species used in a similar way in the Mediterranean, Ornithogalum narbonense (mainly in eastern parts) and O. pyramidale and O. creticum (Dogan et al., 2004; Rivera et al., 2006).”
I’ll have to rediscover it a bit earlier next year!

One thought on “Ornithogalum pyramidale”

  1. Just planted seeds of this now so hopefully will get to see it flower in a few years and maybe try it a year or two after that. Still waiting for my first taste of bath asparagus although my asphodeline lutea (related I believe) flowered last year so I tried the flowers which were lovely and succulent

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