Pricking out Alliums

It was warm enough to sit outside yesterday and “prick out” (i.e., transplant into bigger pots) all the spring onions and leeks I’d sown a week ago inside. Neither Allium cepa, Allium fistulosum nor Allium ampeloprasum (porrum) need cold treatment to germinate unlike many other Alliums. Of the 40 varieties I sowed, about 28 germinated (some of the seed was a few years old). I’m still searching for a spring onion that is hardy enough to sow in late summer here so that I can harvest in early summer. The best bet is one of the cultivars of Allium fistulosum used for spring onions, but most of the modern varieties, mostly bred in Japan, have lost the hardiness of the species (from Siberia). 

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  1. Hi!
    I’m looking for seeds/bulbils/seed cloves from the garlic “Alexandra/Aleksandra” (and perhaps estonian red/other hardy types). I’ve found a Slovac site and a Finnish one, but have trouble ordering.
    Perhaps you have some tips to possible sources closer to Norway?

    1. Hei Selma!

      Det er flere tilbud av hvitløk i KVANNs årbok (gå til og klikk på Bli medlem som koster kr 250/ år, så får du adgang til over 600 grønnsaker), tidligere Planteklubben for Grønnsaker. Jeg har ikke oversikt over hva som er igjen, men det kommer nye tilbud i høstkatalogen. Jeg har bulbiller av begge du etterlyser, men har ikke oversikt over det jeg har lovt bort (sender om en uke eller to).

      Mvh Stephen

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