Bramblings and nettles

There are many bramblings (bjørkefink) in the garden at the moment and yesterday I noticed them eating nettle seed for the first time! I’ve previously recorded bullfinches (dompap) on nettles. So, yet another of many reasons to have a large patch of nettles in the garden in view of the house: others include nutritious food for us, nettle water fertiliser, fibre, food for butterfly larvae…
This gives me an idea! Next year I’ll gather nettle seed outside the garden and put it on the bird feeder. Try to reduce the huge amounts of bird seed that are bought every year by providing as much natural food as possible! Bird seed is produced in large monocultures (mostly non-organically). I wonder how many birds are displaced or killed in the process?

2 thoughts on “Bramblings and nettles”

  1. I see that you are growing Mallorcan Nettle, Urtica atrovirens. Beautiful. I want to grow this plant for food. Is it edible? (I have read that all nettles are edible, but I haven’t read explicitly that this species is edible).

    Thank you!

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