Dandelonion bhajis

Onion bhajis are a popular and delicious starter in Indian restaurants and common veggie fast food in supermarkets in the UK.  They are basically onions in a gram flour batter which are deep fried in oil.  Gram flour is made from chick peas. If I could get it, I would prefer to use broad (fava) bean flour which could be grown here in Norway.  I have a lot of (bulb) onions left in the cellar, so decided to make some bhajis…..and with my cellar full of sprouting dandelions I decided to mix some dandelions into the batter for a slightly more healthy meal :)


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  1. Hello Stephen!
    I found back to your blog through a search for Golpar and favabeans. We’ve meet a few times here in sweden, mostly together with Bosse and Esbjörn. Anyhow, I made a fava, spring greens dish today and seasoned it with my homegrown golpar. I think you mentioned this spice the first time for me, or if it was in your ’80 plants…’. Really great (as long as my Heracleum is not spreading wide)!
    I also work with favabens, I dehull dried swedish beans and also make them into flour. Works really well for bhajis! I’ll send you a bag if you like.

    1. Ja, jeg husker deg!
      That’s really cool! I’ve tried to get hold of fava bean flour but haven’t found a source and haven’t got round to grinding my own. I’ve instead bought gram flour (chick peas). It would be really cool to make bhajis or pakora with favas, so I would love it if you could send some flour. Happy to pay you for it or send somehting in return! Glad you like golpar!
      P.S: We’re making pakora tonight….with 65 different perennial vegetables to celebrate my 65th last week!
      Address is Stephen Barstow, Malvikveien 418, 7563 Malvik, Norway

      1. Great to hear, perennial pakoras sounds wonderfull! I’ll send you some flour and hope that we meet some time in the future. I’ve been wanting to pay a visit for some time…
        We’ll stay in contact!

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