Dandelion harvest

Dandelions are one of my favourite winter perennial vegetables. During the summer, wild dandelions sow themselves on my cultivated beds….one of the advantages of having too much open soil! I deliberately let them grow on until late autumn when I dig up some of the roots, others left to grow on to the next year, and plant them in large pots ready to force later in the winter like witloof chicory. I usually force them by moving from storage in my cellar to a cool room in the house where I force them in the dark!

6 thoughts on “Dandelion harvest”

    1. I’m sure you could, but being warmer they would be ready a lot quicker. I can harvest from mine over most of the winter as they grow slowly.
      Try it and report back how it went!

  1. Hi guys, asking as a total novice here: how do you ‘force’ the dandelion? Is it just by placing it in a pot in a low light attic? Or do I have to cover it with something (what?) in complete darkness?

    1. My cellar is totally dark.
      If you want totally blanched veg(white) you need somehow to eliminate as much as possible light. I also put a bucket upturned over plants for example or put in a cupboard.

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