My hardiest perennial kale

I don’t know what this perennial kale is, but it’s the only one that has survived the last 3 winters outside here, so worth keeping. It is coming into flower….

Edit: It seems that this is a Helgoland Wild Kale. I received seed from a German seed catalogue a few years ago!

P1400778 P1400782

5 thoughts on “My hardiest perennial kale”

  1. Hi :)
    Do you happen to remember the name of the German catalogue from which you bought the seeds?
    I have a massive invasion of Iberian slugs that eat 90-99% of my edible greens throughout spring, summer and autumn, so I am trying to get a hold of greens I can harvest during the winter when the slugs are in hibernation.

    Best regards,
    Ki, Denmark

      1. I think not :-D Just Googled that, and it’s not quiet the kind of plants I’m looking for that they are selling :-D

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