Allium x cornutum

This is Allium x cornutum, a topsetting onion hybrid. One of the parents is Allium cepa, but the second is as far as I know unknown! I dug it up today, replanted many of the smaller bulbs to see how much they produce in one year and also some of the larger ones. The rest will be eaten!
This one originating in Croatia  was the only one of 3 accessions from Gatersleben in Germany that has proven very hardy here (although a French accession survived a few years; the other was from India)! The picture below shows all 3 accessions received in August 2009:
A. cornutum

Croatia only flowered once (picture) in 2012 and  it had only one flower head. It has small bulbils and pinkish flowers.
These onions below were growing very densely in a patch about 25 x 15 cm..

In summer 2017, I found  an onion called  «Sint-Jansui» (Allium fistulosum var bulbifera  – this is the old name for Allium x cornutum, it’s not Allium fistulosum) in the Utrecht botanical garden:

Botanist Gerard van Buiten at Utrecht told me the following:

“Ah, I see you have found our “St Jansuien”! Yes, it is an old local variety, grown around Utrecht. One of our gardeners used to grow it on his nursery a long time ago. Every year on “St. Jansdag”, a box of onions was delivered at Paleis Soestdijk, where Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard used to live. It is grown nowadays in some urban garden projects in the city”



4 thoughts on “Allium x cornutum”

    1. Cool that you are growing this in Norway! Thanks for the article which I hadn’t seen!
      I received St. Jansui myself from Utrecht this autumn!
      Where in Norway are you?
      Please consider joining our Norwegian Seed Savers organisation, KVANN (see if you’re not already a member! Maybe you could offer this onion to our members!
      Best regards, Stephen

  1. Jeg har anmeldet og betaalt nå til KVANN, takk for tip!
    Ogsa, jeg kan dele st. Jansløk i 2020, prøve grø mehr fuerst :)

    4 years ago, a Norwegian friend gave me 10 deep purple potater. I am only growing them to keep the (unknown) species alive, but i am totally not interested in growing ‘jopler’ myself.
    I have about 150 lying in the cellar now, and would be glad to send ‘m to someone who is interested.
    They grow well here, Kvinesdal, Vest-Agder, and have a deep, purple color both inside and outside.
    Kanskje volk fra KVANN er interesseert..

    1. Thanks for supporting us and welcome! You’ll here more from us in a week or two!
      The potato sounds like an old Norwegian variety called Blå Kongo (Blue Congo in the UK). The same variety goes around various other names around the world!
      Due to problems with viruses and disease we don’t swop potatoes in KVANN. Instead, members can order virus cleaned varieties from us directly. Around 60 old varieties are available, about 10 different every year! But, thanks for the offer!

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