My oldest Hablitzia, already vigorous in 2004!

Cleaning out my office and I found a local newspaper article about an open day in my garden almost 13 years ago (August 2004) with a picture of me and my only 3 year old Hablitzia (noted in the caption as my favourite plant: a perennial spinach!) that’s still going strong and already in vigorous growth!



3 thoughts on “My oldest Hablitzia, already vigorous in 2004!”

  1. This is definitely my no. 1 fav salad green. I have two plants but oddly, without knowing why, the one in the back garden now has tiny small leaves whereas the one in my front garden has massive leaves! I sometimes wonder whether shade causes bigger leaves, any idea why leaves can differ so greatly in size? And, is Hablitzia still your no. 1 fav edimental, Stephen?

    1. Yes, Hablitzia is happier in shady conditions and will have larger leaves to gather more sunlight to compensate.
      I have many favourites, but I will mention Hablitzia more often than any other…

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