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24 hour oat bread…

You maybe remember I posted about the real Danish rye bread I made a couple of weeks back? See here

I wondered what the bread would be like using other grains, so I tried 100% wholegrain oat! Even I though I made it damper than the rye bread (that was a bit crumbly) the oat bread wasn’t such a success and was quite crumbly after 24 hours at about 75C….

Perfectly edible and quite tasty but there will be a lot of crumbs in the next two weeks (the time it will take me to eat these 3 loaves)



World record ferment in Malvik

How many ingredients will we manage to cram into this fermentation jar today?
My world record salad from 2003 (page iv of my book)

This morning it’s raining (again) and cold, not a very pleasant day. Whilst conventional gardeners are complaining that it’s too cold to plant out less tender summer veggies in this record cold spring, this is the best season ever for us perennial veggie gardeners! Hardy perennials love these conditions growing prolifically although taking longer to reach flowering stage, extending the harvesting season!
Today, Norway’s fermentation queen Rita Amundsen will prepare a world record ferment with the highest number of ingredients ever, with a little help from my garden!  This is part of a one day food preservation course here organised by the local group of the  Norwegian Useful Plants Society (Trondheim Nyttevekstforeningen).
Guess how many ingredients will be used by 1600 Norwegian time today (or whenever it’s announced here) and win a signed copy of my book Around the World in 80 plants.
On page iv of my book you will find a picture of my world record salad from 2003!