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Edimentals in the garden; early August 2017

Here’s the first batch of Edimentals pictures from the garden this week :) More to come!

030817: More added

040817: More added

050817: …and even more added!

Packing and sorting seed

A few pictures of seed I cleaned and packed for trading, offering to Norwegian Seed Savers and using in the kitchen today!

131116: Added a few more that I was sorting today!

151116:…and a few more today

161216:…and a few more today

Spring shoots in December

Claytonia virginiana, Spring Beauty
Clusters of unopened flowers of Claytonia virginiana, Spring Beauty
Large tuber under Claytonia virginiana, Spring Beauty
Angelica atropurpurea shoots

It’s normal that Hablitzia tamnoides and various Alliums have young shoots at this time of year, but I’d never seen shoots and clusters of flower buds on Spring Beauty (Claytonia virginiana) and Angelica atropurpurea before in December…