Soup greens

Tonights perennial greens. I sometimes eat wild fish, so these greens were added to a fish soup, spiced with ground Hogweed seeds!
From left to right: Scorzonera greens, Allium  x proliferum “Amish Topset Onion”, Allium scorodoprasum, Heracleum spp. and Rumex patientia (patience dock)


Rita Amundsen on the radio with dandinoodles/løvenudler!

Engelsk: Yesterday morning my good friend, fellow forager and Norway’s fermentation queen Rita Amundsen​ had an appearance on Norwegian radio. She cooks dandinoodles with blue cheese from Hitra which are served up for the leader of the Norwegian Green Party, Rasmus Hansson. I wish we could have seen it as eating the same dandinoodle it almost ends in a kiss! The main part starts at about 1hr 28 mins in! The picture is from my talk in Oslo on Monday and I mentioned that Rita was on the radio in the morning!
Norsk: I går morges hadde min gode venn, sanker og Norges fermenterings-dronning, Rita Amundsen, en opptreden på norsk radio. Hun kokkelkerer det jeg kaller løvenudler med blåmuggost fra Hitra og det hele nesten ender opp i en kyss med Rasmus Hansson, leder av de Grønne! Jeg skulle ønske vi kunne ha sett bilder! Hovedinnslaget starter på ca 1t 28 min i! Dette bildet er fra mitt foredrag i Oslo mandag kveld!

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First Ostrich Ferns up…

I was surprised to find these Ostrich Ferns / Strutseving almost over this morning in Leangenbukta (Trondheim)! I had checked the ones in my garden last night and there was no sign of the fiddleheads yet! This is the earliest I’ve ever seen fiddleheads here!
Norway has enormous amounts of fiddleheads that only a few people harvest….they should be boiled for 15 minutes or steamed for10 minutes to kill any pathogens.

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