Edibles in Bergen’s Muséhagen

I spent a couple of hours in Muséhagen (the old botanical garden) in the centre of Bergen before taking the train to Oslo on Sunday and spent the time edimentals spotting amongst all the sun-worshippers, a strange experience in a town best known for its rain…

Sweet cicely (spansk kjørvel) is a “noxious weed ” (svartelistet), but also one of the best edible introductions to our flora, only invasive as we eat too little of it ;)


2 thoughts on “Edibles in Bergen’s Muséhagen”

  1. Thanks for this great post, Stephen!
    The nearest (three) Ginkgo trees to Musehagen that I know of are in Nygårdsparken and are located about 450 meters away. Is that close enough for even the slightest chance of pollination?

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