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The nutrition of perennial vegetables

Thanks to Eric Toensmeier in collaboration with 6 other groups including Annevi Sjöberg in Sweden and Karoline Nolsø Aaen & Tycho Holcomb in Denmark and Aaron Parker in the US for this interesting publication confirming the excellent nutritional properties of perennial vegetables. This confirms to me that integrating a range of perennial crops as vegetables in your diet is nutritionally highly beneficial, in addition to all the other benefits including using less energy, water, fertiliser and integrated in a forest garden system which allows us to co-exist with nature and a wide range of other organisms (birds, insects etc.).
The report can be downloaded here: The Nutrition of Perennial Vegetables

Visit from Stjärnsund

Lovely overnight visit and little garden tour with co-author of Fleråriga grönsakerwith Philipp Weiss (Swedish Perennial Vegetables) Annevi Sjöberg with her Carlo and my new friend little Albie :)
I don’t think this will be the last visit with Malvik being on the way between Dalarna in Sweden and the surfing beaches on the west coast ;) with Carlo and Albie in my winter Forest Garden…look forward to the summer picture :)

…and I came home to this farewell, it must be the edible house on the hill ;)