Bees and other pollinators on edimentals

I’ve been observing edimentals liked by the bees over the last week…and the winners are the following genera: Allium, Cirsium, Papaver, Trifolium, Dictamnus, Knautia, Campanula, Codonopsis and Aquilegia
I only need to find the time to get out Tor Bollingmo’s (Norwegian) book and attempt to identify the bee species!

Leopard slug sex

My wonderful leopard slugs are feeling it….and I’m happy there will soon be even more of them!! At night, when fertile leopards meet they begin to court, circling and following each other, nibbling each other and touching …The two slugs climb up into a tree or other structure, then hang from a branch on a thick strand of mucus, intertwined with one another….lovely!!
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