Tonight’s barlotto

Tonight’s mix of veg for a barlotto (Norw: byggotto) in which you can put what you want.

Yacon (bottom left) and (middle top) sprouted edible rooted chicory “Cicoria di Chiavari”. The roots had been stored in damp leaf mould in the cellar and had some nice long blanched sprouts…both the roots and sprouts were used


Sprouted edible rooted chicory “Cicoria di Chiavari”
Barlotto: stir-fry all the vegetables, cook the whole grain barley, mix and serve…


Rhodiola research in Norway

From 2001, Bioforsk (the Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research, now NIBIO) department in Kise, Hedmark started collecting plant material of roseroot (Rhodiola rosea) from all over Norway. A field collection of some 97 clones resulted at Kise and analyses of the adaptogen components were reported by Steinar Dragland and Ruth Mordal in 2006. It was found that levels of the active chemicals was higher in the populations in Northern Norway than in the south and a selection was made called “Kise Mix” used to establish plants in different places around the country.

Ref: Dragland and Mordal, 2006. Variasjoner i rosenrot (Rhodiola rosea) fra 97 steder i Norge. Bioforsk Tema Nr. 47.  (see

I visited one of the growers Rigmor Solberg in Sortland, Northern Norway in 2009 (pictures below).
Sadly, the market collapsed due to cheap Russian imports and this field was never harvested.

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