Blomster på Matbordet i Nationen

Here is an article in Nationen, a Norwegian daily newspaper with a particular focus on agriculture, from my garden in 2011 by journalist Bente Haarstad. “Blomster på Matbordet” means literally “Flowers on the Edible Table”. It was written based on a garden visit on 11th August 2011  organised by the Trondheim Useful Plants Society (Trondheim sopp- og nyttevekstforening).

Download (PDF, 2.45MB)

She also blogged about the visit here:

..and here is an album of Bente’s pictures:

A journalist, Bjørg Hernes, from local newspaper Malvikbladet was also there and here is her article:









Finally, an album of pictures taken by my daughter, Hazel! The journalists are in these pictures as is the salad!

Wild edibles in SW England in late February

In late February last year I was in Cornwall for a short visit and had a head start on the year’s wild edible foraging with two less hardy species in particular that I’ve struggled to grow in the past….Alexanders (Smyrnium olusatrum), suspected to be one of the plants brought north by the Romans for food and common particularly on coastal areas in the UK, and Navelwort (Umbilicis rupestris), another plant at the north of its range in the UK.  I was surprised to find Alexanders almost in flower, perfect for delicious stir-fried wild greens with Alexanders broccoli and navelwort greens served over soba (buckwheat pasta)!