Seed sorting for KVANN members

This weekend was my big annual seed pack for members of Norwegian Seed Savers (KVANN, I’m offering some 360 varieties this year and I received orders from 60 members within the time limit, totalling 580 packets. I share my seed nowadays exclusively with KVANN apart from a few trades. Two complete days of packing and I was worn out without leaving my chair apart from a short burst of snow clearing outside. Having done this for over 20 years now, the picture shows I can pack seed without taking my eyes off yesterday’s femmila (50 km cross-country ski race in the world cup). If you get the wrong seed, you now know why ;)
Now time for a ski today!

One thought on “Seed sorting for KVANN members”

  1. Hello! Thanks for your facinating contribution to Martin Crawfords Symposium. I would really like to share/exchange please, I have joined KVANN.
    Maybe you have these already but I can offer The “Rose ” Plantain and RUMEX ALPINUS

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