Persian Shallot harvest

One of my favourite perennial onions are persian shallots, Allium stipitatum and I’ve blogged about them several times in the past:
This is one of the earliest onions to appear in the spring and they flower and die down in the course of June. July is the best time to harvest the bulbs (I’ve often harvested them too late when they’ve already started sprouting in autumn). I harvested one plant this week and the bulbs were in perfect condition. I was once again struck by the yield (although it is probably two years since I harvested this plant). I replanted 3 of the largest bulbs. I usually dry the bulbs as they do in Iran, but this time I ate some fresh. They are surprisingly mild tasting and I used them fried in an omelette. 
Below the pictures is a Norwegian article on the persian shallot which I wrote in 2021.

Please download this Norwegian article on persian shallots:

Download (PDF, 1.41MB)

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  1. Where did you buy them from? I’m looking for it and while there are a lot of websites claiming they sell allium stipitatum, I don’t want to pay and then end up with the wrong bulb

    1. Most of mine came from commercial sources, most sold under other names like Allium altissimum, A. hirtifolium, A. rosenbachianum all of which have a history of being used for food. As long as they taste good you can use them. Some hybrids are also sold as stipitatum. Mount Everest is probably the best known cultivar at the moment and should be correct. If you are unsure, show the picture of flower and bulb on the Alliorum forum on FB.

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