3 thoughts on “Compost heap construction”

  1. Hi Stephen. We are in the west highlands and just getting started on a permaculture project. Keen not to import compost but the heaps that we have (cow and chicken manure, veg waste, wood chips, kitchen waste) is not mature yet.
    We have collected some fairly broken down seaweed from the shore last week.
    Would you ever put this directly on the beds as is? Or would this be a bad idea.


    1. I wouldn’t worry about digging in raw seaweed once, especially if well broken down as salts will have been washed out by winter rains (leave exposed to the weather as long as you can). Problems with using raw seaweed would only be a problem (potentially) over longer time. Some crops like the beet family, sea kale and Asparagus are salt tolerant, so absolutely no problem with them!

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