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Japanese white dandelion

My Taraxacum albidum is looking good at the moment!
The seed for this came from the Scottish Rock Gardening Club seed list 2016/17 (SRGC3660) and I planted two plants here. However, they look different in that the leaf shape is different (T. albidum is described as having deeply indented leaves) and only one has hairy scapes (as T. albidum). I suspect some crossing has been going on. 
T albidum is itself a hybrid between white flowered Taraxacum coreanum and Taraxacum japonicum.

The Youngs of Aberdeen

On my way up north from Edinburgh by train I stopped off to visit Scottish Rockers ( Scottish Rock Garden Forum luminaries) Ian and Maggi Young’s wonderfully diverse garden in Aberdeen. Ian was actually the first person to review my book and I blogged about the review and Ian’s labour of love since 2003, his weekly Bulb Log here: http://www.edimentals.com/blog/?p=269
Maggi is the intrepid commander-in-chief of the Scottish Rock Garden Forum and other FB fora for many years, a forum I used to follow daily until FB took over as there’s an enormous amount of information and knowledge there, and perhaps 30% or so of ornamentals are edible!
Ian kindly volunteered to pick me up at the station and I spent a pleasant hour or two looking through their paradise. Although it wasn’t the best time of year to see the garden there were still a number of plants in flower and it was good to also meet Allium wallichii here too (see my blog about the Edinburgh botanics)…and this week’s Bulb Log from Ian features a great shot of this plant on the front page: http://www.srgc.org.uk/logs/logdir/2016Sep141473851515BULB_LOG_3716.pdf
Now to plan a spring visit!

SRGC seed are here…

Yes, perfect timing for the weekend and Margaret Young was in the letter box when I got home…well, Margaret is synonymous with the Scottish Rock Garden Club for many of us…..  ;-)
What I’m trying to say is that my seeds from the Scottish Rock Garden Club Seed Exchange have arrived and all were first choices I believe….
These are mostly destined to a period of stratification / cold treatment under the snow…