16 days later

The rate of growth of Udo (Aralia cordata) from Japan is phenomenal in cool spring weather, even outgrowing Hablitzia tamnoides (Caucasian spinach)!
The first picture was taken by Christian Odberger during my permaveggies course and just two weeks later the plant is taller than me! The view is or less the same and the apple tree at the back is now in full bloom! The fern is ostrich fern.IMG_3096

My garden helper Lorna from Belfast!

P1600129 P1600137 P1600138

2 thoughts on “16 days later”

  1. Just a bit of Fan Mail. I found my way to your site via Oslogardenblog, and have been enraptured ever since. Such a pity that I missed your talk here this Spring, but I will look forward to your future public appearances.
    You’ve gotten me pretty excited about Udo and Hablitzia (indeed, the patch in the Oslo Botanical Garden I saw yesterday and is growing like a weed–even better). I haven’t encountered Udo in person yet, but will keep my eyes peeled. I noticed you’ve been starting it from seed–does it grow true from seed in your experience, or would it be worthwhile to seek out a division?

    1. Thanks! Yes, Udo grows true from seed (that’s how mine were started), it just needs patience. A good nursery may be able to order from abroad or ask at permakulturplanter.no. I also offer seed through Norwegian Seed Savers’ annual seed catalogue in February. It’s still free to join.
      Actually the botanics in Oslo grow Aralia schmidtii which is a synonym for Aralia cordata var. sachalinensis, although I have no experience with this form.

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