Food forest at Landås in Bergen

Landås  matskog (food forest) is situated under Mount Ulriken in Bergen, Norway. The area was until just a few years ago spruce forest, but when it was felled, an agreement was struck with the kommune in 2013 for the organisation Bærekraftig Liv (literally, Sustainable Living) to develop the area as a food forest (matskog). I have long wanted to visit, so was happy to finally get to  spend a day there with food forest enthusiasts Lars Ove Kvalbein, Benedicte Brun and others during my May 2018 visit to Bergen to give a course for Bærekraftig Liv!

2 thoughts on “Food forest at Landås in Bergen”

  1. Hi Stephen,
    I’m just passing by in Bergen, would you have contact info of the food forest people in Bergen? I’m a food forester travelling, I started 20 years ago …
    Thank you. It’s always good to exchange experience (-;

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