5 thoughts on “The annual Udo collapse”

  1. Are the berries of Udo edible/palatable? Every year I enjoy a few of the root beer flavored berries from my native American Spikenard, Udo’s little cousin. Thanks.

  2. Thank you Stephen. I haven’t run across Aralia californica before, I will do some reading! I live in Maine where we have Aralia racemosa growing wild. The brownish berries remind me quite a lot of root beer in flavor. I only eat a few each year as a special treat. When I search on edibility for them the results are across the board from poisonous to great edible. Wildlife generally clean them up fairly quickly so I have to act when I see them.
    Very much appreciated, Greg

  3. Quick follow up question Stephen….do you eat the blanched shoots from all of your Aralia species and of those that you do, how do they compare? Thanks, Greg

    1. I ate Aralia racemosa last spring and I was surprised that they were milder tasting than A. cordata. I’ve also eaten A. californica but didn’t do a direct comparison, but think they were similar to cordata.

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